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I strongly believe the reason why you should consider my company for your HVAC needs is because integrity is more important to me than making an extra dollar. I try to give my clients high-end quality work for a less expensive rate than the bigger shops.  I normally will match or beat a reputable competitor’s estimate. My clients know when they purchase service from me, that they are also guaranteed “ME”. In my opinion, that is as important as the project itself , If you call me (whether it is an emergency or not) on the weekend, evening or even on Christmas Eve and you have family at your house I'm going to be there to rectify the problem. You will reach me 24/7 directly and I guarantee my work with that statement.

Until this point, my client base has been 100% word-of-mouth.  I've stayed busy for the last decade just by doing a stand up job for my customers.

If I can’t be 100% sure that I can do a great job for you I am going to tell you the truth, If I can’t beat another contractors estimate, I am not going to tell you that I can. Maybe I could get the business, but if I am not sure that you are going to refer me to your friends, family, neighbors & coworkers than I simply won’t do anything.

All though I don’t recommend that homeowners, inexperienced handymen or basic laborers should complete some of the more technical portions of HVAC; what we do is not rocket science and it is possible that another contractor may have a different or even better way to get a particular project done. It may be that we can’t meet the schedule or the timeframe. Maybe a different contractor has different techniques or they simply have more experience on any given project.  NO estimate of mine is going to turn into a contract until you & I are completely sure that you are getting the best option & that you and I are confident that my service is the best choice for you. There simply is no use in cutting corners for me. Besides the integrity factor with my company, this in my opinion is THE defining quality. This trade is somewhat physically challenging & I just don’t want any additional hard work trying to create unnecessary portions & cost options.

I want to give my customers an honest day’s work for an honest competitive cost. Other than necessary overhead like Insurance, training, safety etc. we don’t have a huge shop with fancy trucks & advertisement. I am able to pass that on to my clients, either by the contract discounts and/or by giving my customers additional service without nickel & diming people on change orders after the start of the project.   

Another reason to give my company a try is with exception of in-depth time-consuming system design documents, I offer FREE ESTIMATES. When I come out for a repair….. if I can’t repair it, you don’t pay.

We are listed with the BBB and have carried a perfect record with them for over a decade. I always maintain workman’s compensation & never hire undocumented employees. I do a lot of the work myself, which means I will be the first person you see at the beginning of a project & I will be the last one you see at the end of the day. The employees that I hire are always trained by me personally, are well paid and know that my 2 top “Pet Peeves” at work are #1, - That they keep the job site safe & clean, especially the “End of Day” clean-up and #2, - That they have good customer service & communication skills.  Our Contractor Bond & Liability Insurance coverage is double what the C.S.L.B. requires.

Additional Services Offered:

  • HVAC
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • System Design

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